Get ready for new music as Fuzion Music is set to drop some new cutting-edge tracks this October from various artists. The label, known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, is poised to deliver a diverse range of sounds that will captivate and thrill electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.

Fuzion Music’s upcoming releases promises to be a true exploration of the electronic music spectrum. From the ethereal soundscapes of Electronica with Aftermyth’s new Lucifer track to the hypnotic rhythms of Melodic Techno and the relentless energy of Peak Time Techno from Dirtbag Jules, Michael Grandel’s next Deep Techno project called “Call of the Jungle”, Fawzy with 3 stages of Euphoria and the meticulous skills from SIL3NTKILL’s I’ll be there followed by Amare with No Service and finally Funky Familia with All the Way, these seven tracks will take you on a musical adventure that transcends boundaries and defies expectations.

  1. Aftermyth with “Lucifer” (Electronica) releasing October 13
  2. Dirtbag Jules with “Scraping the Plate” (Peak Techno): releasing October 13
  3. Michael Grandel with “Call of the Jungle” (Deep Techno): releasing October 20
  4. FAWZY with “3 stages of Euphoria” (Melodic House/Techno): releasing October 20
  5. SIL3NTKILL with “I’ll be There” (Tech House): releasing October 27
  6. Amare with “No Service” (Tech House): releasing October 27
  7. Funky Familia with “All the Way” (Tech House): releasing October 31

Whether you’re an ardent electronic music aficionado or simply someone looking to find some new music, mark your calendars for October 2023 as Fuzion Music promises to deliver great new music once again.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey that will leave you craving for more!