August 12, 2023 – Get ready to groove to the rhythm of summer as Fuzion Music proudly announces the upcoming release of not one, but two scintillating tracks that promise to be the soundtrack to your sunny days. On August 18 checkout the mesmerizing collaboration between Amare and Bakes with “Summer of Love.” Following closely on its heels, Mike Redfields drops the euphoric House anthem “Good Times” on August 25.

Amare & Bakes – “Summer of Love” (Release Date: August 18)


“Summer of Love” is a vibrant house track woven by the dynamic duo of Amare and Bakes. This track captures the essence of carefree summer days with its melodies and captivating beats. Drawing from a blend of genres, the artists have concocted a musical potion that exudes positivity and a sense of unity. From its soulful vocals to its energetic drops, “Summer of Love” is poised to be rocking the dancefloors and playlists alike.

Mike Redfields – “Good Times” (Release Date: August 25)


Following the success of previous hits, Mike Redfields returns to the House scene with “Good Times,” an irresistible track that will have you moving from the first note. With its rhythms, groovy basslines, and uplifting synths, “Good Times” encapsulates the euphoria of summer and the joy of dancing under the stars. This track promises to ignite a wave of infectious energy wherever it’s played.

As the summer sun shines its brightest, Fuzion Music invites you to immerse yourself in the melodies of “Summer of Love” and “Good Times.” These releases are not just songs; they are invitations to experience the magic of the season through the power of music. Mark your calendars for August 18 and August 25, and prepare to embark on a journey that will define your Summer of 2023.

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